South Florida Roads (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties)
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South Florida Roads (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties)


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) began three roadway improvement projects during the week of April 24, 2017.  All three projects will extend along SR 5/US 1/Overseas Highway: south of 33 Street to north of 37 Street; north end of the 7 Mile Bridge to south of Knight’s Key Boulevard; and Sombrero Beach Road to Coco Plum Drive, in Monroe County.


South of 33 Street/MM 48.70 to north of 37 Street/MM 49.03

  • Repaving and restriping the road
  • Widening the roadway to add a two-way turning lane
  • Modifying the intersection at 33 Street from a T-intersection to a four-way intersection
  • Installing new drainage, curb and gutter, and sidewalks
  • Updating signage and pavement markings
  • Designating the outside travel lanes to be shared with bicycles known as a “sharrow”
  • Replacing the existing Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail on the north and south side with concrete sidewalk    

North end of 7 Mile Bridge to south of Knight’s Key Boulevard/MM 47

  • Repaving and restriping the road
  • Replacing existing guardrail along the northbound shoulder
  • Widening the northbound shoulder
  • Adding a pedestrian ramp at the end of the Trail
  • Installing bike pavement markings to northbound and southbound shoulders
  • Adding a traffic counting station 

Sombrero Beach Road/MM 50.0 to Coco Plum Drive/MM 54.6

  • Installing supplemental signal heads at six intersections
  • Enhancing existing signal heads at Coco Plum Drive
  • Replacing the traffic signal controller at 89 Street and Coco Plum Drive

To complete this project safely, it will be necessary to close travel lanes and sidewalks at times. Tasks will be done in stages, and these temporary closures will be scheduled to minimize impacts to the public and special events. Temporary closures of one lane of traffic and sidewalks will occur during non-peak hours.

  • 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • 8 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday 
Project At-A-Glance
Start Date
April 2017

Est. Completion date
March 2018

Construction Cost
$3.3 million

Lengths and Limits
State Road (SR) 5/US 1/Overseas Highway: from S of 33 St/MM 48.70 to N of 37 St/MM 49.03, N end of 7 Mile Bridge to S of Knight’s Key Blvd/MM 47, and Sombrero Beach Rd/MM 50.0 to Coco Plum Dr/MM 54.6

FDOT South Miami-Dade/Monroe County Resident Engineer
Andres Berisiartu, P.E.

Construction Consulting Engineering and Inspection (CCEI) Project Manager
Mark Croft, P.E.
The Corradino Group

CCEI Senior Project Engineer
Jacki Hart, P.E.

General Asphalt Company, Inc.

Community Outreach Specialist
Paulette Summers
Media Relations Group, LLC
O: (305) 254-8598
C: (786) 510-3921