South Florida Roads (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties)
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South Florida Roads (Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties)


The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has begun a roadway project along State Road (SR) 968/Flagler Street from 14 Avenue to 2 Avenue in the City of Miami.


  • Reconstructing the roadway
  • Installing new lighting, traffic signals and pavement markings
  • Eliminating the eastbound lane along West Flagler Street between 12 Avenue and 6 Avenue
  • Converting 6 Avenue between West Flagler Street and SW 1 Street to a two-way street
  • Adding an exclusive bicycle lane
  • Providing new sidewalks and pedestrian ramps
  • Installing new storm water drainage structures


To do this work safely, traffic shifts will be performed to establish permanent work zones and reduce the number of travel lanes.

Additional temporary lane closures can occur during non-peak hours on non-event days, nights and weekends from:

  • 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. — weekdays and weekends
  • 9 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. — Sunday through Thursday
  • 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. — Fridays and Saturdays


The following changes have been made to the road:

  • The eastbound lane along West Flagler Street between 12 Avenue and 6 Avenue will be permanently eliminated
  • Westbound travel lanes on West Flagler Street from just east of 6 Avenue to 14 Avenue will be reduced to two westbound lanes
  • Traffic will be shifted to the south side of West Flagler Street
  • SW 6 Avenue between SW 1 Street and West Flagler Street will be converted to a two-way road
  • On-street parking along West Flagler Street between 6 Avenue and 14 Avenue will be eliminated throughout the duration of the project and will be restored once the project has been completed


Los siguientes cambios a la carretera se han hecho:

  • El carril en dirección este a lo largo de la Calle Flagler entre la Avenida 12 y la Avenida 6 será eliminado permanentemente
  • La carretera en dirección oeste a lo largo de la Calle Flagler desde la Avenida 6 hasta la Avenida 14 será reducida  a dos carriles
  • El tráfico será desviado hacia el lado sur de la Calle Flagler
  • La Avenida 6 del suroeste entre la Calle 1 del suroeste y la Calle Flagler se convertirá en una carretera de dos vías
  • Estacionamiento en la Calle Flagler desde la Avenida 6 hasta la Avenida 14 será eliminado durante la duración del proyecto y se restablecerá cuando el proyecto se ha completado
Project At-A-Glance
Start Date
June 2016

Est. Completion date
May 2018

Construction Cost
$11.11 million

Lengths and Limits
State Road (SR) 968/West Flagler Street from 14 Avenue to 2 Avenue

FDOT South Miami-Dade & Monroe Resident Engineer
Claudio Diaferia, P.E.

FDOT Assistant South Miami-Dade Resident Engineer
Andres Berisiartu, P.E.

Consultant Construction Engineering & Inspection (CCEI) Senior Project Engineer
Arturo Perez, P.E.
Pinnacle Consulting Enterprises

Russell Engineering, Inc.

Community Outreach Specialist
Sergies Duarte
Quest Corporation of America, Inc.

O: (305) 640-7462
C: (305) 216-3617